• Hipure FFPE DNA Column

Hipure FFPE DNA Column

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Features Specifications:Hipure FFPE DNA Column

The HiPure FFPE DNA Column provides a simple and reliable method for high yield/quality DNA isolation from formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples and sections. The unique chemistries of the product have been optimized for maximum recovery of non-crosslinked, ultra-pure DNA without RNA contamination. Simply digest deparaffinized tissues using Proteinase K, heat, and then purify the DNA with the FFPE DNA Column. DNA >50 bp or >500 bp can be selectively isolated by altering the lysis buffer conditions with protocol. PCR inhibitors are effectively removed during the isolation procedure, and eluted DNA is ideal for PCR, Next-Gen library prep, enzymatic manipulation, etc.

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Angen Biotech Co.,Ltd

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