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Zhejiang Nione Security Equipment Technology Co, Ltd, a professional security device maker, is the supplier of digital video surveillance products located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Nione has three decades of experience in video surveillance technology, and satisfy various market demands.

From A/V Compression Boards to Embedded Network DVRs and Multi-purposes DVSs as well as IP Cameras and Speed Domes, Nione provides the most advanced H.264 solution for digital surveillance industry based on its owned patented algorithms. We aim to design, develop and manufacture products which have High reliabaility, High durability and High-performance with price advantage.

Since it is established, Nione has launched three generations of Video/Audio Compression Card -- NS4000M, NS4000H and NS4000HC/HF, two generations of Digital Video Recorder NS8000 serious, the Hybrid DVR/NVR NS9000 Series, as well as other high performance surveillance products to build up a complete video surveillance pr
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