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PVC Pipe Production equipment

Features Specifications:PVC Pipe Production equipment

PVC Pipe Extrusion Line is specially designed for producing PVC pipe. It mainly includes twin screw extruder, pipe extrusion die, vacuum calibrating water tank, spray cooling water tank, hauling unit, cutting unit and stack unit.
Conical twin screw extruder: Advanced and unique screw design concept ensures the high efficiency extrusion of PVC material, Unique screw design combined with plasticization concept ensures flexible plasticization and super-high output extrusion, Advanced control system ensures the good running.

Company Information

Qingdao Deerma Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Sales

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-0532-87253636
  • Contact:zhongtingli(Other)
  • Last Active:12 July 2010

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