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provvide miao silver anklet, K

Features Specifications:provvide miao silver anklet, K

( jewelry company limited---china fashion stainless steel jewelry wholesaler manufacturer online, wholesales stainless steel jewelry, titanium jewelry, tungsten jewelry , copper jewelry ,925 sterling silver jewelry, Miao silver jewelry, alloy jewelry, swarovski crystal jewelry, leather jewelry,plastic jewelry so on. We offer the popular jewelry specialized in Stainless steel jewelry Titanium jewelry Tungsten jewelry, Such as stainless steel Necklacesstainless steel Bracelets, stainless steel Bangles, stainless steel Pendants,stainless steel Rings, stainless steel Earrings, titanium rings,titanium bracelets,tungsten rings,tungsten bracelets etc. ,We supply a large merchise total me than 4500 styles. Our products are mainly expted to America , Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia etc. High quality,reasonable price best service f you.Please contact us quickly !

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kimenly jewelry company limited

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Trading
  • Phone:86-020-34067565
  • Contact:xuefengwu(Other)
  • Last Active:12 August 2010

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