• Topone Brand hot sell Indoor Cockroach Bait

Topone Brand hot sell Indoor Cockroach Bait

Features Specifications:Topone Brand hot sell Indoor Cockroach Bait

l Environmental protection ,kill roaches scientifically :use natural food which is contemporary with roaches and irresistible to roaches to make the bait ,can attract all kinds of roaches around the world .Pesticide free. l Strong adhesion :carefully designed glue make sure roaches cannot escape ;the surface of glue is wavy ,just like a quagmire to cockroaches. l Strong adaptability :either kitchen temperature ,or cold storage warehouse ,the glue can maintain strong adhesion between 5 to 50 degrees .It won?t flow ,nor affected by environment. l Easy to use :can be free to adjust the height according to use place .It won?t contaminate food or pollute environment . l Waterproof :special waterproof paper design can be used in a humid environment l Convenient & health :directly throw away after caught roaches . l Excellent quality :the glue does not flow even vertically place in a 70 degree thermostat .Ensure the products won?t deteriorate in transportation.

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Guangzhou Topone Chemicals Co.,Ltd

  • Country/Region:China
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  • Phone:86-020-83602856
  • Contact:AnddyWu()
  • Last Active:10 October 2017

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