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PVC Pipe Extrusion Mould

Features Specifications:PVC Pipe Extrusion Mould

Qingdao Changjie Machine Company would supply kinds of pipe extrusion mould.
PP-R extrusion mould -- Mould specification1.Melting material flow speed reaches to anticipative mechanics unifmity, hot unifmity.2.No need f ce module frame, it often disappears flow lines during the production.3.Low the cost of pressure, high output, output is the 80 of extrusion.4.Close framewk, reasonable connection, change conveniency. 5.It adopts excellent mould steel to produce.6.It adopts stainless steel copper water ring calibrating sleeve.
PE pipe extrusion mould1.Supply me excellent fluidity, let materiel flow has no dead cner.2.Low the cost of pressure 3.Low melting temperature 4.Flow channel is very clean quick if changes col.
PVC pipe extrusion mould1.Supply me excellent fluid, let material flow has no dead cner.2. Low pressure cost 3.Low melting temperature

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Qingdao Changjie Machinery Co., Ltd.

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  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
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