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OMS2300 dental microscope,Chin

Features Specifications:OMS2300 dental microscope,Chin

Binocular Tubes 180 deg inclinableStraight45 deg inclined
Objective Lens F200250300350400mm,F200F250mm with integrated fine focus
Eyepieces 10x12.5x wide-field eyepieces f spectacle
Magnification Changer,5 steps manual
Magnification 3.4x5.4x8.5x13.5x21.2x (with F250mm objective len 12.5x eyepiece)
Interpupilar Distance 48-78 mm
Field of View mm (with F250mm objective len 12.5x eyepiece)
Fine Focus Range 12mm,manual
Light Source 2 Halogen lamps 150W15V with fiber-optic cable
Field of View 50mm (with F250mm objective len)
Filter Green ange integrated,switchable
Power Supply 100V120V127V220V230V240V 50Hz..60Hz
Types FlostWall mountCeiling mountFlo mount
Max Cantilever 1100mm (not including 350mm extension arm)
Lift of Swing Arm +-300mm

Company Information

Zumax Medical Co., Ltd. Sales Department

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-512-66903235
  • Contact:KarlWang(Other)
  • Last Active:12 August 2010

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